What are your covers made from?

Our covers are made from 100% quality cotton outer and a top quality British manufactured thick cotton lining.

Can your covers be machine washed? 
Yes, they wash well at 30 and iron on a medium heat setting.

Will this cover fit with the bowl in place?
Yes, all our food mixer covers are designed to be used with the bowl still attached to the machine.

Are they easy to use?
Yes, all our covers are designed with you in mind. They are very easy to get on and off, and will fold away in a drawer when not in use.

How long will my cover take to get to me?

Please see our Shipping page 

I can't find my appliance?

We don't currently make covers for any other appliances, this may change in the future.

Do your products have a guarantee?

We are so confident in the quality of our products that they are guaranteed for life against manufacturing faults. Just let us know and return your cover to us, once examined we will provide you with a replacement if it is deemed to be a fault of manufacture and not normal wear and tear.

Your website is confusing, how do I buy?

Appliance Choice

Select which appliance that you want a Cozycoverup® for, then click add to basket.  You will be taken to your basket so you can see that this has been added.  You will see the price of the cover you will pay.

Fabric Choice

Then choose the design you would like from the designs tab at the top, there are so many to choose from so it may take a while! Again add your chosen fabric to the basket using the add to basket button found on each page. You will be taken to your cart and see that there is no charge for this option. Please note only embroidery designs can have a different front panel to the sides, all others need to be in one colour choice.

Checkout or Extras?

If you are happy with your choice you may then checkout, alternatively you can add extras to your design using the extras tab, here you will find pockets and embroidery designs that you can add on. Just click add to basket on your choice and this will again take you to the basket where you can see the total you will pay.

Embroidery Options

If you want a plain front panel for your embroidered design, just go to plain fabrics and pick your design and then add your colour choice to the basket, if it has been added you will see it appear in your cart with all your other choices. There will be a cost associated with this option.

Want Another Item?

If you want to purchase another cover please repeat the process. If you want all the same design there is no need to add it to the basket, it is already there. 

Your cart should look something like this....

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Your product will look like this...

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