We offer two basic products with over 2,500 variations:

The Cozycoverup® A cotton dust cover for all of your kitchen and household appliances.

Using top quality cotton and with outstanding workmanship.

Our quality is so good we offer a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing faults!

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Please take time to browse the site and look at all the options using the tabs above. With over 2,500 different permutations of our products from size, colour, embroidery design and added extras, there is something here for every taste.

We are always happy to help with any questions so please feel free to call us, we love talking to our customers!

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Our Cozycoverups® come in two Basic Shapes; Square/rectangle for most appliances and oval/conical for food processors/juices to allow for the spout.

Our covers are not padded as standard as this is not required due to their perfect fit for each appliance they are sold for. They are fully lined with a top quality British manufactured cotton lining that is thick and of a wonderful quality.

We do offer padding as an optional extra for customers who would like this option for their cover, this can be found along with other options such as pockets and hanging loops in the Extras tab above.

Our other product is the Pot-T®

A tea cozy 2 years in development and finally perfected in 3 different sizes (Mini, Standard and Maxi), using the same ethos as our Cozycoverup® A one size fits all option is never a good thing.

They are 3 dimensional , Insulated with a soft oven glove lining that is heat proof, and very well padded so they completely surround you tea pot leaving no gaps at the bottom where the heat can escape unlike 2 dimensional 'flat' tea cosy's. So they really do keep the pot Hot! Hot! Hot!

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